10 01, 2019

Valentines Day Photography-Baby Photographer

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Some of my most favourite times in the studio are when I get to photograph babies. It's an awesome job perk getting to be a part of my client's lives photographing their children as they grow, however, I have found that I mostly photograph them for their Newborn Session and then again for their One Year Session and not in between. So, I have launched [...]

15 11, 2018

Actor Headshots-Cambridge Ontario

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To be or to not to be...when you're so passionate about something you have two choices. One will lead you down a wild journey of fear, joy, rejection, accomplishment, more fear, pride etc etc. The other will leave your heart forever wondering "what if". Earlier this month I had the pleasure of photographing a young acting school student who came to me for her [...]

26 10, 2018

Cambridge Newborn Photographer-Hespeler Ontario

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"How blessed am I?", is the questions I ask myself daily as I sit down in my home office ready for work with my hot coffee wearing stretchy pants, silly graphic tee and a messy bun. "How privileged am I?" is the question I ask myself when I am holding a little one week old newborn trying to calm them into a sleep so [...]

6 09, 2018

Full Time Photographer-Puslinch Photographer

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This is the year! The year, I un officially become a full-time photographer. Up to this point, I considered myself a full time photographer because photography has been my only job for the past 9 years. However, six of those past years has been spent being a SAHM as well (Stay At Home Mom: for those who don't frequent online parenting forums etc). [...]

9 04, 2018

Newborn Photography Cambridge Ontario

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Newborn baby inquiries are coming in as spring slowly makes it's appearance and I just wanted to take some time for a beautiful session share and to talk a little about my newborn photography process so that anyone who's having a baby and thinking of booking a newborn photo session can get a good idea of what they can expect with The Eye's [...]

5 04, 2018

Hand Painted Backdrop-Cambridge Photographer

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For about two years now, I have been playing around with creating an old world feel to my images in various ways, and even pulled out my old "Sears portrait muslim" to create an award winning image of Edison in 2016.  I have invested into a few paper backdrops that have that vintage aged look but although they work they're not authentic and [...]

28 03, 2018

Hadlyn-Cambridge Child Photographer 3 Birthday Milestone Portraits

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My favourite requests are when parents want to bring their children in for a portrait update because of an upcoming milestone, especially when it's my family! This little peanut is my youngest niece who is actually a little camera shy. You may not see it from these photos, but she really wasn't into getting her photos done which is not the norm for [...]

13 03, 2018

Eye in the Sky-Photographer

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Just when I think living in Puslinch couldn't get any more breathtaking, it seems a large family of blackbirds has made an nightly ritual of visiting a group of Walnut tress in my neighbours like clockwork every evening. The first night they arrived, I walk out my back door and was immediately hit with the sound of what felt like 1000's of birds [...]

5 03, 2018

#MotivationalMonday-Great Parenting Inspiration

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My daily life is blessed with so many cuddles, but it's not without hourly parenting struggles. I have two young boys who have very different reactions to the exact same situation. So what works for one, doesn't for the other. And, of course, they are constantly pushing their boundaries where some days it feels like NOTHING works. However, through all of it, I [...]

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