For about two years now, I have been playing around with creating an old world feel to my images in various ways, and even pulled out my old “Sears portrait muslim” to create an award winning image of Edison in 2016.  I have invested into a few paper backdrops that have that vintage aged look but although they work they’re not authentic and I have been lusting after the real deal hand painted backdrop for some time now. 

There’s an amazing photographer Sue Bryce,who’s been championing beauty photography using gorgeous hand painted backdrops for many many years. It was the first time I saw her on Creative Live that I wanted to dive headfirst into doing what she does. She is has a very simple and classic ascetic and will admit she admires all things Vanity Fair, and I really wanted to bring this look to my clients from that moment on. 

I did some research and found that all the backdrops I loved where a little pricy and I wasn’t sure this look would fly for the investment so I told myself, I could do it myself, but as time past I started to doubt that would happen. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love to DIY & have a deep devotion to all things vintage, however and for whatever reason, I put off actually creating my own hand painted backdrop for years…until this weekend. I don’t know what’s taken me so long to motivate myself to do it, but I am so glad I did. 

Once it was done however, the next task was convincing my son to get in front of the camera. Go figure, after a weekend of chocolates he wasn’t motivated by sweets at all! Obviously I did mommy guilt him to participate, but it wasn’t without a few great and silly outtakes. I am totally addicted to hand painting backdrops now. It was relaxing and allowed me lots of time to think and be inspired. I am so excited to create more that I am off to the hardware store today to get some new paint for my next one!

Toronto Portrait photographer
Toronto Family photographer
Child Portrait in black and white