Just when I think living in Puslinch couldn’t get any more breathtaking, it seems a large family of blackbirds has made an nightly ritual of visiting a group of Walnut tress in my neighbours like clockwork every evening.
The first night they arrived, I walk out my back door and was immediately hit with the sound of what felt like 1000’s of birds talking at once. This is a noise I am familiar with because every year they arrive at the Lake in front of my house and spend most of the summer there flying through the reeds catching bugs, however, this is the first year they decided to visit our trees in such numbers and were so close to my house.
Like all good photographers should, I ran inside and grabbed my camera to take a photo shoots. They seemed comfortable to let me do so, but I still moved around carefully. As I look the photos, I pondered what they must be communicating to each other, and how hard it might be for birds to live in such big flocks despite their lack of moral obligations.
I was about to start a video when all of a sudden, they went quiet. Like dead quiet. For no apparent reason I could see from the ground. Maybe it was me, maybe it wasn’t. Regardless, the lack of sound for those few long seconds was enough to make me want to high tail it to my house in case there really was something to fear.
I never once, thought to myself “I wonder what the view must be up in those trees” until this day.
Investing in a drone has been on my mind for a few years now. It seems like a great way to get a new perspective of my neighbourhood & for my clients. My own Eye in the Sky for my photography that I could use to create some amazing imagery with. Thank you Black Birds, for the inspiration.

Eye In The Sky Photography