My favourite requests are when parents want to bring their children in for a portrait update because of an upcoming milestone, especially when it’s my family! This little peanut is my youngest niece who is actually a little camera shy. You may not see it from these photos, but she really wasn’t into getting her photos done which is not the norm for most three year olds that come here with their “cheese” faces ready. Generally 3 year old girls love getting dressed in their prettiest clothing and doing twirls in my bright fun studio, but this day our little Haddy was a bit hesitant to start and didn’t really want to hang too long in the sets. In her defence, she does have some pretty fun cousin’s that she was anxious to play with. However, it wasn’t long before she was having a great time and she was especially excited to be able to play with balloons!

Have a look at the short and sweet sneak peek video below.

Also, Just a heads up! I am working on a Mother’s Day event to take place late April. Check out my Facebook or Instagram for updates, or check back here for the official announcement!