My daily life is blessed with so many cuddles, but it’s not without hourly parenting struggles. I have two young boys who have very different reactions to the exact same situation. So what works for one, doesn’t for the other. And, of course, they are constantly pushing their boundaries where some days it feels like NOTHING works. However, through all of it, I am constantly reminded of trust they have in me as a parent and how precious that trust must be treated.

There’s been a lot conversations in my social news feed lately resulting from the awful school shooting epidemic that is plaguing the States, about what “kids these days need”. The answer seems so simple, Love & Respect and to learn to love & respect each other. It seems so clear and so easy, but alas this “hippy liberal” mentality hasn’t fully caught on no matter how many doctors studies support it! 😛

So for #MondayMotivation I am encouraging every parent & anyone who has children in their lives to watch this video and take what you need from it! I know many of the people in my life already put these thoughts into practice, but sometimes we all need reminders.