It’s not very often that I see a great headshot in my area. I walk the malls, see ads in my mail and online and I cringe. #photosnob
What I tell everyone who calls me about a headshot is that your headshot is your first impression and if looks cheap/unprofessional/like you were stood up against a wall for a mug shot taken with a cell phone, you will attract cheap clients. People who care about their money and where it’s going, care about quality and by presenting yourself with a high quality image that shows your awesome personality you are saying “I care”.

I can’t even imagine that there’s a business person/entrepreneur out there that doesn’t want high quality clients, and I am positive a high quality headshot is a step in the right direction.

What is a high quality image?
I don’t mean an image taken with a fancy camera, I am sure there are a lot of people who are using professional level cameras that achieve flat images that make their heads look fat and their expression dead. What I do mean is an image that has attention to detail, that is vibrant and brings out your best possible self while focusing on your best features, this is what I aim to achieve at every session, and is what makes your headshot experience with me an awesome time.

So, I am pleased to offer Half Price Headshots every Wednesday at my studio! Sessions will be 45 minutes, can include 2 outfits & 2 backdrop choices. My normal Head shot rate, which includes one digital image, is $100. However, I am offering the opportunity to book for the same price and receive 2 professionally retouched high resolution digital files and commercial usages rights. These images can be used for everything from social media profile photos to creative advertising mailers & more.

Now is your chance to improve your impression & bring in more engagement!


Booking online is easy! Just add to cart and follow the instructions.

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