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that hair-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

I have this client who has the cutest daughter. The whole family has yet to grace my lens however I will forgive them because they are the sweetest people! :P My last 10 on 10 post got me thinking about the shots I have in mind that I may never get the opportunity to take because of timing etc (like the first one below). [...]

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Two Year old-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

I have said it a number of times but will say it again...The most favourite part of my job is watch my clients grow! I had the pleasure of photographing this little ones newborn session and love seeing her and her parents every year since. For her 2nd birthday session portraits we decided to meet at Churchill Park located at the south side of [...]

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10 on 10-May 2015-Brantwood Farms

This month's 10 on 10 features spring at it's finest... Can I just start by saying that every spring I wish I had an on-call little girl who I could dress up in super cute outfits and drive to beautiful areas with blooming trees and create gorgeous artwork of. Not to say that little boys and cherry blossoms don't mix, but the effect just [...]

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At the Park-Riverside Park Cambridge

As most of my clients are well aware, my other job is being a mom. Between breakfast messes and afternoon nap time I fill our morning with active adventures including playgroups and (now that the weather nice) visits to the local parks. My favourite, by far, is the new Riverside park creative. It's a playground that I can let my 15 month old manoeuvre [...]

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10 on 10 April 2015-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

We are all at a that point...Just done with the cold weather. Easter joy turned into groans when we looked out the window and saw more snow. Am I right, or was that just me? We know it's coming but when you have two little ones at your feet desperately in need of vitamin D, summer can't come fast enough. So this past weekend [...]

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10 on 10 March 2015-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

A little "about me" for this months 10 on 10. I was raised practically feral compared to how we are "expected" to raise our children these days.  I also consider myself someone who has a knack for being (excuse the cliches) young at heart. I have always love freedom, I strive to maintain a sense of freedom in all aspects of my life including [...]

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February 10 on 10-Puslinch Ontario Photographer

Christmas winds down and the bitter cold of January and February seem to bring The Eye's the Limit to a stand still. Sure there's the odd newborn session here and there (all now being photographed under In Dreams Photography) but I find the need for photography, or the amount of winter loving folks are sparse so I take this time to get my administrative [...]

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10 on 10-January 2015

It was a beautiful morning, although a few days past the 10 on 10 deadline, I was excited that I chose today to photograph my 10 on 10. The hoarfrost on the trees this morning made Cambridge look like something out of a Christmas storybook and totally changed my mood as only glistening gorgeous sun rays can. These are a few images that I [...]

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