As most of my clients are well aware that besides being a Cambridge Photographer, my other job is being a mom. Between breakfast messes and afternoon nap time I fill our morning with active adventures including playgroups and (now that the weather nice) visits to the local parks. My favourite, by far, is the new Riverside park creative. It’s a playground that I can let my 15 month old manoeuvre without worry as the highest point he can reach is not more then 4 feet drop onto some wonderful rubber matting ground stuff greatly reducing the anxiety ridden gasps that I let out as I try my best not to helicopter over him.
I bring this up because everyday that I visit I think about the clients I have and how much fun “Park sessions” would be. What’s a Park session? Well, we meet at the park find a nice spot to take a few family portraits and then hit the playground where I capture your wee one(s) full of spirt and excitement as you chase them around and encourage their adventurous side. In my 5 years of family sessions I can count on one hand the number of times I have done a session this way, which is a shame really because if you’re anything like me, you are spending a lot of their childhood visiting your local park and looking back on your own childhood, you treasure those Polaroid snapshots your mom or dad took of you while playing at your own favourite.

It’s just an idea for anyone who’s considering booking a family portrait session this summer.

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