Welcome-Cambridge Newborn Photographer

Welcome Baby B!-Newborn Photography As a newborn photographer one of my favourite parts of the job is sharing sneak peeks for my clients. This lovely couple who welcomed their first baby at the end of April and this little newborn boy was so awake and alert during his session. Our circumstances were such that because of my own little men (and me) getting sick and some [...]

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The Farm-Family Portrait Photographer in Cambridge Ontario

As fall started closing out, this family portrait photographer was surprised at how many people were still booking for outdoor family photography portrait sessions. Unpredictable weather which could see a day as warm as summer or give a great taste of winters chill was the story of this fall however I was so lucky to end up with some really great days and although [...]

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New Family Portrait Guide-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

Happy New Year everyone! I am super excited to launch my 2016 Family Portrait Guide which features my new pricing structure. I am trying something new this year, NO SESSION FEE! What?? Right! :) I have been photographing families for 8 years now and feel confidant enough in my skills that you will want to purchase all you can once you see the portraits [...]

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Photoshop Dreams-Cambridge Photographer

It's no secret in my circle of friends/family that I love exercising my creative mind...my body is another story though. Not only do I create imagery with my camera but I also love to sew and see myself one day making fantastic quilts for my grandchildren however, photography is my creative outlet of choice as I get very little time where I am able to [...]

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Fall Family Portrait-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

A lot has changed in the past 5 years, right!? It's often slightly emotional to look back and remember yourself 5, 10, or even 30 years ago. You see a young couple getting engaged, and remember, you proudly congratulate your younger cousin on their graduation and remember, and you look at your kids and see yourself at their age and remember. The most fabulous [...]

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Little Sis-Child Photographer in Cambridge

Two of my favourite things in this blog...the opportunity to photograph one of my newborn clients looking like a big kid, and fall! This little one got to have a portrait session all by herself since her older sister wasn't feeling up to it, and didn't she rocked it?!? Her sweet little face is enough to brighten the bleakest day and I think she may have [...]

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10 on 10-October 2015-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

After a two month 10 on 10 hiatus, here are my boys!!! They have grown so much over the summer and I can't really believe this is my life sometimes. The little one, he thinks he's funny. He loves to make you laugh and is really starting to get his words going. It still baby gibberish, but once in a while clear as a [...]

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Christmas Card Time-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

It's that time of year! Believe it or not, although halloween isn't quite here yet it's time to start thinking about your families Christmas card. I am super excited to announce that I will be offering the option to purchase christmas cards through the Eye's the limit this year even if the image you use is not done by me! There are multiple designs [...]

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PPOC Accreditation-Child and Infant Portraiture-Cambridge Photographer

I am throughly thrilled to announce that my accreditation submission to the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) for Child and Infant Portraiture was accepted. Judging took place in Albert this past monday where a panel of judges reviewed my 10 submitted images and decided all of them showed a nationally accepted standard of proficiency. You may be asking yourself exactly what that means, so I want [...]

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10 on 10 July 2015-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

This months 10 on 10 is a KISS post. An evening walk to visit our favourite neighbours who are being visited by the boys cousins. Playing in the yard making memories...you know simple. Summertime is in full force and between family events and camping trips I have managed to create some wonderful memories for my clients. I am excited for the next few weeks [...]

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