As fall started closing out, this family portrait photographer was surprised at how many people were still booking for outdoor family photography portrait sessions. Unpredictable weather which could see a day as warm as summer or give a great taste of winters chill was the story of this fall however I was so lucky to end up with some really great days and although this one was a little chilly it still didn’t leave our noses red.
This blog features a family that I photographed in my first year of business and It’s amazing to see how we all have grown since then. I was very excited when they booked me to take some portraits to give as Christmas Gifts to their parents this year as it had been a while since they updated their family portraits and I couldn’t wait to create some amazing images for them.
Their location of choice was the farm where dad’s dad (aka Grandpa) has been working for over 25 years. This is the farm where the grandkids have witnessed baby cows being born and they have been lucky enough to ride many a machine around the property. Their memories of this property make this location that much more special as when they walk by their portraits hanging on their walls they remember not only our time together that day but all the other moments that make that farm special in their hearts.
This session is a great example of why I try to encourage my clients to pick a location for their family portraits that’s close to their hearts. Be it a park they visit on a regular basis, a family property or some trails they love to walk their dog or ride their bikes on looking back on your images you want to be left with the joy in your heart and remembrance of a time that will always remain special. There is no better way to ensure that feeling than picking the right location for your portraits!

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