Riding the Rails-Cambridge Ontario Children Photographer

I posted this idea on my Facebook Fan Page last week. But I thought I’d share it as a blog so that people who may be interested can pass it on easily to friends and family who are not on Facebook.

Special is for a Daycare Photoshoot:
$125-Parents receive one full day of daycare (up to 8 hours) a High Resolution Disk of images from the days shoot. 
This idea seems to work nicely with the kids I currently babysit. They love being included in picking out their wardrobe and being my “model” and going on an adventure to find great locations. Awesome references available upon request. Offer will be available during July and August but only on Mondays and Fridays…Great for those parents who just need a break for a day. Psst, pass it on if you know someone who might be interested.
I have lots of fun creative ideas in mind and can personalize the shoot based on your little one’s current favorites. 

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