When my friend contacted to book a spot for her mom, herself and brother for my Mommy & Me sessions I was ecstatic.  I have know this family for quite a few years now and have had the pleasure  of sharing in a glass of wine and some light hearted taunts over a meal that they have all worked together to create on a few occasions.
The plan was to just keep it to a mommy and me session at the studio but because my schedule allowed I called up my friend the morning of her session and suggested we ambush her dad and make it a full family session taking advantage of the glorious weather.
So very last minute, we found a nice shirt and combed Big J’s hair and set on our way to a rustic train tunnel that is near her property.
What resulted was great family portraits of Mr. and Mrs D and their kids who are never too old to embrace their parents for a photo.
Remember that no matter your age or your children’s age, the family photo needs to be updated because as great as looking forward is when you’re young, there nothing like looking back when you’re old(er).

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