Well it’s been a long and lonely winter, if I do say so myself. Christmas was a whirlwind of activity but with the start of the New year also came the start of a new semester for me. Trying to maintain my client base and school work has been a lesson in organization, among other lessons and to add insult to busyness I decided to migrate my website from one host provider to another which didn’t go smoothly at all, but that’s a whole other blog post.
However, in the in between moments I have managed to pick up my camera a few times and document my little men. I swear I would have more images to show but they still spend 80% of their time at home naked and I don’t have the heart to squash their inhibitions yet. So this post features my guys being the fun adventurous kids they are, and getting back into the swing of being outside more than inside!

This spring is going to be a great one, and I am looking forward to documenting my guys and my clients enjoying their time in the warm weather!

Puslinch Tract

Boy having fun on swing

Cambridge Photographer

Ellis Park Cambridge Ontario

Head Shot photographer

Cambridge Riverside Park Photographer

Riverside Rails Skatepark