Every parent knows the bitter sweet occasion of their child’s birthday. The day that marks the passing of another year of, and moments that will only live as memories, coupled with anticipation of the future. I think most of us parents enjoy our children’s milestones on a wax and wane cycle where some “phases” are better than others, but I am sure we can agree that we appreciate all of them when their behind us.
This weekend we celebrated my oldest’s fifth birthday. That’s right…5 years old.

I am sure there are a few of you reading who can’t believe that Max is 5 because it feels like yesterday you were “aww”ing at his cute baby face. As much as I miss his funny baby antics, I can officially announce my excitement to be past the “terrible ___ years” Max is showing a maturity a sense of humour and curiosity that has me so excited for the little man that he’s becoming.
So, to celebrate this awesome milestone, I really wanted to do something personal to him and make him feel special because in past years we have grouped both of our boys birthday’s into one celebration. This idea also came with a serious desire to not have his party in our home. I needed a break from the crazy whirlwind in-home-birthday-party, where I never stop “doing” and barely get to spend time with my guests.  After researching Birthday hot spots around Cambridge, we decided to rent John Dolson Centre’s Pool & Gym.

The best decision!

I can’t say enough about how fantastic our time at the centre was. The staff were very accommodating and friendly and helped us at every opportunity they had.  My guests ages ranged from 2-60+ with the majority of Max’s cousins in the 10-16 age range and all of them had a blast. Between the awesome diving board getting tons of use for our unofficial cannonball contest, won by Uncle Dan;), the option of small slide for the young folks and a big slide for those young at heart, and the large shaped floaties that fit multiple kids, there was fun for everyone and believe me…I tried them all!
In the Gym there was a bag of balls for the kids to shoot hoops with, and I provided (thanks to my party fairies) a whole bag of balloons for the kids. That was all they needed. Between eating pizza, cupcakes, candy overload, and opening presents they burned whatever energy was left for the afternoon. I did get asked if I was going to run some games by my keen niece, but she was not overly disappointed by the fact that instead of our annual pin the tail on the whatever, she was forced to chase her brother around a huge gym.  🙂
Back to the best part of our out-of-home celebration, I got to enjoy it! I swam, I dove, I was a shark, I was an aunt, I got to laugh with my guests, and I was present for the sweet moments that made my heart sing. I got to soak in the blessing that is my family and watch the people I love most enjoy each others company. It was harmony, unlike our wall shaking chorus of Happy Birthday that I am sure was heard through the whole centre.

If you want more information on renting a pool for your next party click here:

Here’s a snap of my little man after he blew out his candle. He was so happy, and I love that this photo shows him surrounded by some of the amazing folks he looks up to!
Cambridge Ontario Birthday Party Photographer


And a little Birthday fun for all!

Follow this link to see which song was #1 the day you came into the world?

Me: My Sharona by the Knack
Jess: Hotel California by the Eagles
Max: We Are Young by Funfeaturing Janelle Monáe
Edison: Dark Horse by Katy Perry