Better then Chocolate-Cambridge Ontario Newborn Photographer

This little sweet lady was born over the Easter weekend. Imagine the wonderful Birthday parties that she will get to enjoy. This shoot was a bit insightful for me. It gave me an idea of what it must have been like for me when my little sister was brought home. A new person in the house, you suddenly are not the only apple of your parents eyes, and attention can be harder to come by, and on top of it all your understanding of gentle is not what your parents hoped it would be…This is where having a wonderful photographer comes in…

The following images are sweet and soft and show the excitement and wonder a new sister brings without showing the overall concern mom had that big sis was going to squish her new sister 🙂

 Her sisters kisses bring out her smiles

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  1. Amber May 4, 2011 at 11:31 am - Reply

    Very nice, I love how to have shown the wonderment between the older sister to the new babe.

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