Is it just me or does summer feel like it’s just starting and now the leaves are changing and the kids (or perhaps the parents) are counting down the days/weeks until School’s back in class and now it’s already time for the August edition of our 10 on 10.
In most cases I find summer flies by and before I know it I haven’t seen my loved ones in a bit too long. This was especially true with my one and only sister.  We have grown up in different cities since we were in our teens, we are all too familiar with the passing of summer without seeing each other. Perhaps it’s because we have always gotten together in September to celebrate our birthdays that we let weekends in July and August go by with only virtual hugs.

Things started to change once Maxwell came into our lives. Family is so important to me, to us, and we both know how fast babies grow, so our visits have become more frequent as my sister doesn’t want to miss a beat.

Last summer we camped just the three of us at Long point and created some special memories there. This year things have changed a bit on her side as she is seeing a wonderful man now who has two spirited boys just a few years older then mine, and our family has added a +1. So we decided to keep things somewhat cheap and simple and hit up a place that holds many wonderful childhood memories for us, Emerald Lake.

As children we both learned to swim at Emerald Lake. I remember being thrown in with only our water wings on or perhaps our floaty Scooby Doo and away I went. My sister being younger and somewhat more apprehensive about EVERYTHING took a little more coxing but eventually we were having how deep can you go, or how long can you hold your breath contests. I remember the lake seeming like it would take hours to swim across like a feat that only true kings of the water could accomplish. Now I managed to get from one side to the other (short side) in about two minutes. There is so much more to Emerald Lake now with the addition of a splash pad and water obstacles but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the smell of my skin from swimming in the water.

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Emerald Lake, Ontario

He’ll grow into it.

Cambridge Ontario Family Photographers


Emerald Lake Ontario

the wave

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doggy paddle

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Cambridge Ontario Family Photographers

snack time

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cuddle time

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Cambridge Ontario Family Photographers

free for a moment


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