15 10, 2015

10 on 10-October 2015-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

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After a two month 10 on 10 hiatus, here are my boys!!! They have grown so much over the summer and I can't really believe this is my life sometimes. The little one, he thinks he's funny. He loves to make you laugh and is really starting to get his words going. It still baby gibberish, but once in a while clear as a [...]

29 09, 2015

Christmas Card Time-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

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It's that time of year! Believe it or not, although halloween isn't quite here yet it's time to start thinking about your families Christmas card. I am super excited to announce that I will be offering the option to purchase christmas cards through the Eye's the limit this year even if the image you use is not done by me! There are multiple designs [...]

31 08, 2015

Mr. & Mrs Holmes-Hamilton Wedding Photographer

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I reflect, pretty much on a daily basis, about how lucky I am to be creating memories for families, friends and myself. I try my hardest not to take for granted how truly special these images I am making are to those who hold them (print your images!!!) and who will look back on them fondly with smiles. My job puts me in [...]

30 07, 2015

PPOC Accreditation-Child and Infant Portraiture-Cambridge Photographer

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I am throughly thrilled to announce that my accreditation submission to the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) for Child and Infant Portraiture was accepted. Judging took place in Albert this past monday where a panel of judges reviewed my 10 submitted images and decided all of them showed a nationally accepted standard of proficiency. You may be asking yourself exactly what that means, so I want [...]

21 07, 2015

10 on 10 July 2015-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

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This months 10 on 10 is a KISS post. An evening walk to visit our favourite neighbours who are being visited by the boys cousins. Playing in the yard making memories...you know simple. Summertime is in full force and between family events and camping trips I have managed to create some wonderful memories for my clients. I am excited for the next few weeks [...]

13 07, 2015

Visual Toolbox-Cambridge Photographer

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This week is the first week of 60 lessons a group of photographers and I are going through in our book study of The Visual Toolbox by David Duchemin. If you'r not familiar with David Duchemin and you are a photographer get familiar! Lesson one revolves around finding your voice by assessing your top 10 images and picking out common themes among them. This task [...]

10 07, 2015

Accreditation-Cambridge Photographer-The Eye's the Limit

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This Fall it will be 8 years since I started learning the art of photography. There is a common sentiment in the fine art community (or maybe just among photographers) that you don't actually start to master your craft until you have been practicing for 10 years. I can say wholeheartedly that I feel this to be true and in this ever-changing technical day and age I question [...]

29 06, 2015

San Fransisco Leisure

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15 06, 2015

10 on 10 June-Father's Day 2015

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As we know, Father's Day is around the corner so for June's 10 on 10 I wanted to feature the man who I owe a great amount of credit to because without his support I wouldn't be the photographer or mother I am today. In theory busting out the big camera and taking some pictures of him with the boys to celebrate father's day [...]

6 06, 2015

that hair-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

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I have this client who has the cutest daughter. The whole family has yet to grace my lens however I will forgive them because they are the sweetest people! :P My last 10 on 10 post got me thinking about the shots I have in mind that I may never get the opportunity to take because of timing etc (like the first one below). [...]

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