Valentines Day Photography-Baby Photographer

Some of my most favourite times in the studio are when I get to photograph babies. It's an awesome job perk getting to be a part of my client's lives photographing their children as they grow, however, I have found that I mostly photograph them for their Newborn Session and then again for their One Year Session and not in between. So, I have launched [...]

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Full Time Photographer-Puslinch Photographer

This is the year! The year, I un officially become a full-time photographer. Up to this point, I considered myself a full time photographer because photography has been my only job for the past 9 years. However, six of those past years has been spent being a SAHM as well (Stay At Home Mom: for those who don't frequent online parenting forums etc). [...]

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Headshot Wednesday-Cambridge Photographer

It's not very often that I see a great headshot in my area. I walk the malls, see ads in my mail and online and I cringe. #photosnob What I tell everyone who calls me about a headshot is that your headshot is your first impression and if looks cheap/unprofessional/like you were stood up against a wall for a mug shot taken with [...]

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