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I want to share this with you, as I know whither you are professional photographer, or a MWC (mom with camera) you have taken a picture with an exposure something like this.  Usually, they are the pictures where your little one is giving the biggest smile, or your bride and groom are having a candid moment and you have put these photos in your computers trash can with a heavy heart.

Perhaps there wasn’t enough natural light, the flash didn’t go off, or the cameras metering system has exposed for the bright areas of it’s frame? Whatever the reason, when you use auto modes and point and shoots these things happen, but all hope is not lost.

Below is the after image edited using photoshop.

I used the method in the tutorial bellow to bring this photo back. The process is really quite easy once you understand what you are doing and why. I also had to adjust the colour on this photo during the process and messed around with the curve adjustment.

Here’s that tutorial:

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