Little Princess-Cambridge Ontario Newborn Photographer

As I am not yet a parent, I can only image the joy, and fear the occurs when you have your first little girl. As a mom, you have been given the gift of a sweet little lady to share in all things girlie, a second mommy to help nurture you and the family, and someone who will understand you on so many of the same levels, but as a Dad you look at that sweet little face and think “I’ll crush anyone who tries to hurt her” 🙂 As much as the back of your mind sings with thoughts of what kind of person she might date later in life, there’s nothing more precious then the random hug followed by “It will be okay, Daddy” at the moment you needed it most. 

This little princess came to the studio with her big brother, who was such a smart guy with natural leading abilities, and will revel in showing her the ropes. Congratulations on your sweet family Guys.

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