Kids & Bugs

This ant was lost, not lost in the sense that it was in my house and not enjoying the beautiful weather outside, but lost in the sense that it was crawling on my roof. I watched it circle my ceiling light for about 10 minutes.

This little ant and I have a lot in common these days.

I have been going through my house clearing out stuff that has been in boxes for much too long. These little gems are staying. Ghost Buster Playdough set=Priceless.

My oldest Nephew caught a Guarder snake on Mothers Day. It’s amazing how life circles, how children creating memories for themselves bring back some of my fondest.

I didn’t snap all the kids, but here are a few cuties of the cuties. My youngest nephew is looking like such a little man now.

And his sister is quickly turning into a little lady. It won’t be long before the banana phone turns into a Black berry Pearl.

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