Baby Portraits-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

This little sweetie pie, came to the studio because momma wanted some awesome images of her baby girl before she was toddling. Mom warned me before hand that Baby A, might play strange and is very shy..but if she hadn’t told me, I would never would have know it. She immediately warmed up to me, and was laughing at my antics within the first few clicks of my shutter.
She is 8 months old, and and was full of laughs. I was able to capture so many beautiful images with expressions that reflect all sides of her personality,  from serious, to curious, to sweet to silly.
I highly encourage sessions to be held of your wee ones between the 6-9 month stage, as they are still not walking, but are able to sit up, and willing to give lots of laughs. Their baby chubbs are in full force, and they have changed so much from the 0-3 month mark but will be changing so much more by 1 year-old.

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