Portraits with Style-Guide on What to wear for Family Portraits

To wear or not to wear...that is the question.As an individual who is creative and fun, I have always loved flashy peices in my wardrobe. Whiether it's a bright red pair of pumps or funky plaid bell bottoms (or both), there are definite times and places for my unique flare in wardrobe. I am often asked "what do I wear during my portrait session?" [...]

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Maternity Photography in Puslinch-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

The more I do it, the more I love holding photo session close to home. It allows for the best of both indoor and outdoor portraits, and I happen to live in a beautiful area of Southern Ontario. Some of these photos were taken in front of a farm that I drive by and enjoy its backdrop daily. So I was glad that this [...]

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Little Scottish Lad-Cambridge Ontario Newborn Photographer

This lovely young couple were a joy to photograph. I traveled to Kitchener, Ontario for this Newborn Photography Session to photograph this little man and his parents. One thing I love to do during a newborn session is to take photos of the new family on their front porch. I feel that these photos will be looked back on fondly as children and parents [...]

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Back to School Portrait Special

Ask yourself....*Doesn't my child deserve a portrait that is unique and fun to emulate who they are/were in Fall 2011?*Why would I give a faceless franchise my hard earned money for a portrait that took their employee (who may or may not have any photography experience in the first place) mere seconds to take?*Doesn't my family deserve a fresh and fun portrait of my [...]

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Toronto Area Wedding-The Eye's the Limit Wedding Photography

I knew after our engagement session that I was going to have a blast shooting this young couples wedding. Their wedding party were made up of some fun and talented folks and my favorite moment was when the Groom and the wedding party surprised the Bride with a serenade of Lost Together by Blue Rodeo. It was the first time I wished I was [...]

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