Riding the Rails-Cambridge Ontario Children Photographer

  I posted this idea on my Facebook Fan Page last week. But I thought I'd share it as a blog so that people who may be interested can pass it on easily to friends and family who are not on Facebook.Special is for a Daycare Photoshoot: $125-Parents receive one full day of daycare (up to 8 hours) a High Resolution Disk of images from [...]

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Bo Duke in training, Cambridge Ontario Photographer, Childrens Photographer

It's a rare occasion when I have "just" my nephew for the day, and what started out as a day of babysitting Kinley and scooping out a few second hand stores together, quickly turned into a photo op.I even took him for a haircut. He loved the special treatment, and the red sucker that followed, and I love how lucky I am to have [...]

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Fathers Day Surprise, Cambridge Ontario Baby Photographer

3 months ago I had the pleasure of photographing this wee one's newborn photos. For the past few weeks Kaiden's Dad has been away in Army training, and his momma wanted to do something special for him for Fathers Day, so on top of booking a flight for them to have a visit, she also booked a session with her favorite photographer, Moi. Here are [...]

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Tackling love, and life together-Cambridge Ontario Wedding Photographer, Engagement Photography

People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society. -Vince Lombardi While a lot of you were feeling the overcast blah's on Sunday I was basking in the sunny love of my next Bride and Groom to be.A little about them:They had a 6 month old daugther, who was a very patient baby during [...]

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