Finally Outdoor photo time

I had the pleasure of photographing the Barsati Family a few weeks ago. It was my first outdoor shoot since the snow melted. Their kids were very cute and gave great smiles, making it easy to capture beautiful portraits.

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Kids & Bugs

This ant was lost, not lost in the sense that it was in my house and not enjoying the beautiful weather outside, but lost in the sense that it was crawling on my roof. I watched it circle my ceiling light for about 10 minutes.This little ant and I have a lot in common these days.I have been going through my house clearing out [...]

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One day at a time

I love when I can capture my pets doing what they love. Early morning this week Kitten bird watches in our window as the sun rises.Cookies & Milk for Breakfast.I took the kids I sit for to the park for some fun in the sun. We brought some breadcrumbs for the peacocks. These are such majestic birds, almost worthy of fence jumping.BlossomsMy husband came [...]

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