10 on 10-October 2013-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

I am very excited to share a new blogventure with all my fans, friends and family. Every month I will be posting, with a great group of photographers, a blog chain for all to follow. The premise is that we will all post 10 images from the 10th of the month (or close to it 🙂 and everyone will link their blog to another photographer to create a great and inspiring chain.

This months chain is kind of short due to the busy busy fall season, however check out the link at the end of this blog to a fab photographer in Alabama!

This months share features a small portion of Thanksgiving, that was a small moment in time but no doubt will be great memories for my nieces, nephews, and son.

Firstly, we love football. More so, my son loves football.

Football photographer in Cambridge

Football photographer in Cambridge

You know how little girls just love being mommies, and you know how little boys just want to run? She has a strong hold on his thumb.

Woodstock Photographer

I love his expressions. He loves sticks.

cute baby photographer



You spend all this time creating the perfect pile just to have your wee cousins come in and bust it up…

and then all the fun begins…





Raking leaves helps build strong muscles 🙂



Group shot to round off the blog…I love these guys and couldn’t have started this 10 on 10 chain any better then featuring my little loves enjoying life’s simplest pleasure.

Cambridge Photographer



Check out Alison Bell’s blog and follow the chain.



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