A little “about me” for this months 10 on 10. Long before I was a Cambridge Ontario Child Photographer, I was raised practically feral compared to how we are “expected” to raise our children these days.  I also consider myself someone who has a knack for being (excuse the cliches) young at heart. I have always love freedom, I strive to maintain a sense of freedom in all aspects of my life including how I raise my children. Having said that I am pretty sure I barely go 3 minutes these days without saying “no”, “don’t”, or “stop” to my almost 3 year old or just over one year old. It’s a hard balance to strike.
So sometimes we just have to have a day (or weekend) of practically no rules parenting. You know the kind of day where pants are optional, Breakfast=PB&J Lunch=PB&J Supper=Pancakes because that’s what they want, jumping off the couch on a pile of pillows for over an hour?…only if I get first try. That kind of day/weekend. The kind where their Dad is out of town working for over a week and their little hearts miss him so much so I do my best to distract them and keep them active knowing how long his absences seems in their little world…that kind of day/weekend.
These are some practically straight out of camera captures of my boys being boys during our antiestablishparent lazy Sunday.

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