Newborn baby inquiries are coming in as spring slowly makes it’s appearance and I just wanted to take some time for a beautiful session share and to talk a little about my newborn photography process so that anyone who’s having a baby and thinking of booking a newborn photo session can get a good idea of what they can expect with The Eye’s the Limit.
I have lots of information on my Newborn Photography Session Page but here’s a Coles notes:

Newborn Baby Photo Sessions are the Best

I really love what I do as a photographer, but I really really love when I am creating a baby’s first portraits. These new little humans are so squishy and curly and the shear miracle of life that is a newborn is never lost on me. There is nothing more innocent than a newborn baby and I take such joy in carefully and safely creating beautiful portraits that illustrate their tiny bodies and newness as artwork.

Plus, they don’t run away and rarely cry at me.

You Can Relax

The way I run my session is very relaxed and easy going. I have been photographing newborns for so long now that I have tried EVERYTHING in an attempt to ensure a successful session. What I have found works best is being chill. Simple, no pressure, green tea chill.

I used to send out a prep guide that outlined in detail what to do in hours leading up to your session. It had an extensive what to bring and what to do list. What I found was that it created a whole new issue for the session. The Parents were stressed about having to do this and that and in turn it effected the newborn who seem to be little emotion sponges.

Now, I really try to keep the planning process simple so that I have a general idea of what colours my clients want to use for the session. The rest is decided at the session based on their initial suggestions. I also only offer a short list of session prep suggestions that may or may not help in the end, because every baby is different. I find parents come in with a more relaxed vibe now because I am one less person they’re trying to accomodate as they navigate the first days/weeks of having a new baby.

You Have a Friend in Me

There is something so special about this opportunity and I never take it for granted that I am the first photographer my clients use for their Family portraits. Even if they are not having images taken as a family the day of the newborn session, I am often the person they come to when they do decide to do it. I feel so much pride in my heart when I create those amazing portraits for young families and the fact that these images just keep getting more special to them as time goes on is NEVER lost on me.
During your time with me I strive to get to know you and your family and feel that often my clients leave friends. I am someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. I have a comforting honesty, compassion for the world, and a great sense of humour that after almost 40 years I can own and share with confidence. Because I am who I am my clients feel comfortable with me and return again and again so I can document their family milestones.  Finding a photographer is easy, finding the right photographer for your family is harder than you may think.

No Pressure Sales

As a photography studio, The Eye’s the Limit is dedicated to ensuring my clients get exactly what they want. I always suggest prints and albums first but if you’re a client that just wants digital files I am a photographer that will provide them. I still strive for my clients to come to the studio after their session for their ordering appointment even if digital files is all they want to purchase. The reason is so that I can share my expertise in why they should pick one image over another and possible options they could use the images they purchase. My artistic eye can give you insight into why you should pick one image over another how they will look hung together on your walls. Having said that, I totally get that it’s really hard to make the time for a second appointment and will always accomodate clients with online view options if that’s what works best for them.
No matter what your hearts set on, it’s up to you as a parent to pick and purchase what’s going to work best for you as a family. Just know I am here to help you decide based on whatever your needs may be.


If you’re expecting a newborn baby soon, and are researching photographers I want you to consider how precious this investment is. I personally feel that finding a photographer who’s experienced and knowledgeable for your newborn session should be just as important as finding the right wedding photographer was because you can’t get back this time. No Do-overs.

And now a session share…

I talked above about how my clients leave friends and come back again and again…this share is from one of those sessions.

I have had the pleasure of photographing all three of these little ones as newborn babies and the trust & importance of that will never be lost on me. This family went through the greatest heartache any expecting parents can go through when their first born, Olivia, was born an angel.  I related to their loss as my own family has been through a similar loss and the grief never goes away. But Oliva’s memory lives on through those who remember and her parents have raised their little ones knowing that their big sister is watching over them and keeping them safe through many beautiful tributes including the one below.

As they welcome their second little girl, I know that Ruby Oliva, will be held up high with so much love including that of her sister angel.
Enjoy and cherish every moment my friends!

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Rainbow Baby Tribute
Rainbow Baby Tribute
Rainbow Baby Tribute