Little Sister-Cambridge Newborn Photographer

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of blogs over the summer. For most of us summer is just busy regardless, but my husband and I after many long and emotional years have finally been blessed with a beautiful baby. We are loving everything parenthood has to offer, and are truly feeling the blessings of having a family but I will admit, I am struggling but working hard to find a lovely balance between working as a mother and working as a photographer. I finally have him on a good sleep schedule, and I think we have moved passed our gassy colic into teething (insert sarcastic smile here)

I am taking advantage of this quiet time to post a blog featuring an awesome family I have been documenting for 2 years now, since their boy was still a bun. It has been a pleasure to see how he’s grown into such a cute little guy, and is now a proud big brother of a beautiful baby girl.

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