This is the year! The year, I un officially become a full-time photographer. Up to this point, I considered myself a full time photographer because photography has been my only job for the past 9 years. However, six of those past years has been spent being a SAHM as well (Stay At Home Mom: for those who don’t frequent online parenting forums etc). It feels like there’s a new lease on my business life now that both of my boys (ages 6&4) are in school full time during the day and I am left with a newly amassed opportunity to utilize my time.

You would think that having years to prepare for this Full Time status would have left me with a certain readiness. Alas, it seemed easier to ignore the inevitable because with it comes the reality that my baby has left the nest and my daily park visits, mac & cheese luncheons, and cuddle appointments during favourite shows on Treehouse (theirs not mine) are done on a Monday to Friday 9-3:30 basis. Advance prepping for this full time day job would forced me to accept that my babies are officially kids. That they will from here out be shaped by their peers and will no longer have their biggest fan to cheer them on. Every parent can relate on some level to the ease of procrastinating this type of admittance to keep their wee one’s young for even just a few minutes longer.

However ,”With great change comes great responsibility” (I know that’s not really how that saying goes). So, with full time status, I look forward to building up The Eye’s the Limit to be the Photography Studio it was meant to be. The problem is that I am so excited and I have so many directions I want to pursue that it’s going to take some time to get into the best flow possible because I love doing so many things in regards to photography. I am putting myself on a three month probation, to allow me to assess my skills and get a better idea of where I fit in at this new job 🙂 . Let’s hope I don’t get fired!

So, please keep The Eye’s the Limit in mind when someone mentions that they need to get photos of their baby taken, or are looking for a great newborn photographer, or and hoping to book a Headshot sessions because they are in need of amazing branding images. There is going to be a lot to get used to here on my end as I start my full time job. Some of it will be good, some will be a little sad, but all of it will drive me to create the best products for my clients so that I can continue to create a fun filled childhood for my “kids”.

To all the Mom’s and Dad’s out there who just dropped their babies off for thier first day, I send you the warmest “it’s going to be alright” squeeze!

  • Cambridge School Portrait Photographer
  • School Portrait Photographer
  • Puslinch School Portrait Photographer
  • Back to school photo
  • School Portrait Photographer documentary
  • Puslinch Ontario Photographer
  • Puslinch Ontario Photographer School photography
  • Puslinch Ontario Photographer
  • Puslinch Ontario Child Photographer

Here’s some images from the big First Day drop off! Eddy, who has been ready for school for a year now, was surprisingly nervous and a little sad to leave Mommy. It took everything in me not to cry right there when he said “I will miss you Mommy”.
Saved it for the car 😉