Day off at the office

My Thursday started with me and kitten walking up to a beautiful sunny, birdsong day.

First task was to feed the Chickens for my inlaws down the road. The sun hitting the new buds and tulips in their garden kept my step.

I have been admiring this bush for years and weeks now, does anyone know what they are called??? I want some for my backyard

Chickens were thirsty.

I took some time to play with my dogs outside once I got back home. I came in through the backyard where Buoy greeted me at the gate with one if his favorite toys. My problem child Ruby was not happy that she wasn’t able to join in right away.

Also on the adgenda was scoping out a new location for family and wedding photos. I found this goose to be the most unique Canadian Goose I have seen. It almost looked like he had another birds poop on his head. Which made me wonder if it would be considered lucky for birds too.

The Geese were thirsty too.

I as I was walking down a forest path nearby, I came across one of my favorite sites of May…Yeah it’s still April.

I was so excited to see this lone trillium, but as I round the bend I was given this gift.

There were dozens upon dozens lining a forest slop. I love these flowers, and love that they are sacred and are not to be picked. I always tell the children in my life that flowers are best and most beautiful when left to grow.

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