Beauty-Newborn Photography Session

This has been an wonderful weekend filled with lots of family time and a few sessions! This beauty came for her newborn photography session at 9 days new! Our session started with some nice family images where her big (but still little) brother stole the spotlight with his cute smile and need to adventure around the studio.  For newborn session that involve siblings I always recommend that we hold the family portrait portion of the session first because little ones usually don’t want to hang out in the studio longer than it takes for me to create some nice keep sake moments of them with their little sibling.

The most frequent question I get asked when potential clients are inquiring about pricing is: Do you include family portraits?

To me, there are no other images more precious when you look back at this time in your baby’s life than ones that show exactly how small they were in your arms, next to their brother (or sister) and simply the emotion that shows on your faces when you hold them tight. I always take family images at ever session unless clients are totally adamant about not having them done, but there are usually no personal hurdles that I can’t overcome with the right camera angle and wardrobe suggestions. Children will look at those images as they age and see nothing but love and the reminder that they are cherished.

This summer is shaping up to be a great one and I want to add your family to my calendar! Are you traveling to a cottage or even camping vacation this summer? Let’s arrange for a fun photo session while you’re there. I will be in Grand Bend the weekend of June 24th and July 22nd and would love to add a few more travel dates to my schedule! Check out my FACEBOOK page for recent imagery I have created for my clients.

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