To be or to not to be…when you’re so passionate about something you have two choices. One will lead you down a wild journey of fear, joy, rejection, accomplishment, more fear, pride etc etc. The other will leave your heart forever wondering “what if”.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of photographing a young acting school student who came to me for her actor headshots and we had a great time creating a variety of looks for her comp card.

Sierra Adams wanted to be an actress after performing in a school play in grade 4. The costumes, the makeup, memorizing all of the lines and all of the work put into that show was so exciting to her and she had so much fun being a part of it all that she knew then I wanted to be an actress from that point on.  When I asked her who inspires her as an actor, she responded with Meryl Streep. “She’s amazingly talented, she can play so many different roles. She’s incredibly smart, she works really hard on her craft. I love watching her interviews and hearing what she has to say about her acting process, she’s very insightful. ”

Sierra, set her mind on realizing her dream by taking drama in high school and then she took a year off before going to college to earn some money because her parents told her if she wanted to go to school out of town she’d have to have earned enough money to pay for residence and groceries for the year. After that year, she applied to colleges and decided to go to Niagara College for Acting for Film and Television where she is learning how to perform in front of the camera and for learning about voice animations.

Her advice to  anyone who is dreaming of becoming an actor would be to “never stop believing, always find new possibilities and surround yourself by people who support you.”

I think the last point is key to life in general. Keeping in mind we should never put our ability to succeed or be happy in anyone else’s hands, there is so much to gain by surrounding yourself with positive, high energy people who can see success in you because they have achieved it, or believe in the possibility to achieve it themselves. Gosh, I wish I knew this life hack when I was younger. Lucky for me, I seem to attract great people naturally, however, there have been times and situations where I wish I had the insight that Sierra has!

Break a leg Girl!

  • Actor Headshot on White background
  • Cambridge Actor Headshots full body image on white background
  • Actor Headshots outside in Puslinch Ontario
  • Actor Headshots outside The Eye's the Limit Photography Studio
  • Actor Headshots on low key black backdrop

Who says my dreams have to stay just my dreams
-Ariel from the Little Mermaid