10 on 10 May-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

This Month's 10 on 10 is a better late then never situation. I didn't think I was going to even get it done as I had missed the 10th deadline, so I threw together a blog of this past months best of moments and was going to post that as my submission to the blog chain, however, I was not the only busy busy [...]

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Moments-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

I put this collection of images together as my submission for this months 10 on 10 (coming soon) however, it turns out that I had more time to do it right, as we are supposed to post 10 images from one day instead of a collection of images over a few weeks. So instead of ditching this post I thought I'd give my [...]

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Mother's Day-Cambridge Ontario Portrait Photographer

I am a mother, Most Overlooked Trust-filled Heroic Encompassing Reason to live With being a mother comes the cliché "ups and downs", but there are few things that make a life worth living then watching and fostering the growth of your child. Seeing the world through a fresh pair of eyes and having your heart warmed to the point of melting on a daily [...]

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