10 on 10-December-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

Honestly, I struggled this month to come up with something Christmasy to do in time for my 10 on 10. I had grand thoughts of photographing this and that and this place and that place, but with both Max and I feeling under the weather this past week, and the weather feeling a wee bit nippy for my taste, I am left with [...]

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The First-Cambridge Newborn Photographer

I travelled out to Paris, Ontario for an in home session with this lovely couple who welcomed their little girl into the world in November. Her 5 week old cousin was also there visiting, and we attempted to get images of the two of them together but newborns mess with the best laid plans and we couldn't get them both sleeping together, however manages [...]

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Outtakes-Cambridge Ontario Photographer

This may sound cruel so please don't read too much into it, but this reel is the second best part about hosting The Eye's the Limit's annual Santa Sessions, here in Cambridge Ontario. The first being the joy and positive feedback I receive about how much the kids (even some of the ones who cry) enjoyed seeing Santa . If your child hasn't made [...]

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