Gifts-Cambridge Ontario Photographer-Family Photographer

When my friend contacted to book a spot for her mom, herself and brother for my Mommy & Me sessions I was ecstatic.  I have know this family for quite a few years now and have had the pleasure  of sharing in a glass of wine and some light hearted taunts over a meal that they have all worked together to create on a [...]

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One-Brampton Ontario Photographer-Family & Children Photographer

I don't think I can say enough about how awesome it is to see the beautiful newborns I have photographed growing up, and having the honor of photographing such awesome families. It's always like seeing old friends when I get together with my clients as there's a lot you can share on a personal level in the 2-3 hours you spend with them photographing [...]

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Mom-Cambridge Ontario Photographer-Family

This past weekend I had some gorgeous momma's in the studio to celebrate themselves, and the loves of their lives (sorry dad's you have to share that title). This round of mini sessions were in studio and naturally lit allowing me to continuously shoot, and create an easy environment for both the kids and mommy's. Everyone looked awesome and I have to say that [...]

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